11 Unique modern wedding cakes

Wedding cakes are the centrepiece to your wedding reception. Not only does cutting the wedding cake look great in photos, you and your guests also get to eat it! Unique modern wedding cakes add drama and style to your venue reception. Unique modern wedding cakes can be of any design/ theme and can be customised to your style and personality. Even better each tier can be a different flavour, lots or delicious imagination.

M and M wedding cake topper
Macaron wedding cake tower
Modern wedding cake designs
Modern wedding cake designs













Louise sugarartist creates unique modern wedding cakes and delivers to Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Galway and Tipperary. These can be unique modern wedding cakes designs,  Custom wedding cake designs and luxury wedding cakes. Louise sugarartist designs each unique modern wedding cake for her couples at her cake studio at The Little Love Knot Bakery.  Each unique modern wedding cake is made with the finest ingredients and all equally delicious.

Unique wedding cake designs can include unique sugar flowers like the Lotus flower, macarons, edible handpainted free-painted designs, edible cake lace, edible gold leaf, edible embellishment to name a few. 


Unique wedding cakes

Contact Louise to check availability and start your journey to tell your story.

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Bespoke wedding cakes Ireland


Monochrome Unique wedding cake
Celtic Inspired Unique wedding cake



Unique wedding cakes
Stone people wedding story cake
Burnt orange wedding cake









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