Best drip cakes

Best drip cakes

If you are searching for the best drip cakes look no further than The little Love Knot Bakery. Louisesugarartist creates the best drip cakes for many different occasions in her Cork cake studio. Drip cakes are cool cake ideas for wedding cakes, birthday cakes, confirmation or communion cakes, elegant baby shower cakes and wedding anniversary cakes.  

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Drip cake ideas

Drip cakes can have many different finishes and must have the ultimate drip.

chocolate drip cake

Popular drip cakes are chocolate drip cakes deliciously encased in Belgian white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Gold or silver leaf can give your chocolate drip cake a wow factor. 

Louisesugarartist created this half and half custom wedding cake with Belgian milk chocolate ganache decorated with fresh Irish strawberries, simply delicious. #deliciousimagination  Another popular drip cake created by louisesugarartist is a gold drip cake. Gold drip with gold leaf is a cool cake idea for a celebration.

Louise at the Little Love Knot Bakery creates drip cakes abundantly decorated with macarons and  vanillaaked fresh at Louise’s cake studio.  bean meringue kisses. The  delicious Italian macarons can be in a variety of flavours and are baked fresh by Louise.

They can also be pink drip cakes or blue drip cakes, fully coloured or ombre and must always have the ultimate drip. The ultimate drip can be made using candy melts, white or milk chocolate ganache or even royal icing. The drip can be precoloured candy melts, chocolate painted with coloured cocoa butter or in the case of royal icing, edible paints can be used.  

drip cake
drip birthday cake








Fresh flowers or sugarflowers handcrafted by louisesugarartist can be added to the drip cakes to give it the wow factor. These make elegant baby shower cakes or custom wedding cake for an intimate wedding.

drip cake elegant baby shower 
white chocolate drip cake








It will soon be Halloween,  another excuse to create a drip cake with blood red drip!.

To order the best drip cake near you contact Louise at or email

gold drip cake

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