Cake toppers and custom keepsakes

Cake toppers

Cake toppers and Keepsakes


Cake toppers can be a lovely finishing touch to your wedding cake or occasion cake. They add a personalised element to your cake design. There are many types of cake toppers on the market, from acrylic name ones, edible ones, polymer clay (keepsakes) to resin generic ones. The choice is endless! At her cake studio in North Cork, Louise an award-winning modeler, creates unique, figure cake toppers and custom keepsakes. These are handmade and bespoke tailored specifically to her clients wishes and event. They can be made in sugar (very popular for kids’ birthdays) or polymer clay (as a keepsake) and can be ordered separately, however,  if ordered with a cake, Louise at The Little Love Knot Bakery  offers a discount.



Wedding cake toppers

Pug wedding cake topper

Wedding cake toppers are a very popular addition to your wedding cake. They add a personalised element of a couples’ story without taking away from the overall cake design. Clay cake toppers can be kept as a  wonderful memory of your wedding day, long after the cake is eaten. Louise’s wedding cake toppers can be either in a cartoon style or a realistic style, can be quirky or traditional. The realistic style can be individually sculptured from clients’ photos. Although they are not an exact 3d printed model, they have a good likeness to the couple. Personalised details can be added to either style.

A brides wedding dress design can be added together with groom’s hobbies.Kids or animals or hobbies can also be added.

Custom wedding cake toppers
Custom wedding cake topper
bride and groom wedding cake topper
cartoon cake topper
kids wedding cake topper







Occasion Cake toppers 

Cake toppers and custom keepsakes can also be very popular for birthdays adding a wow factor to your cake. Many cake topper designs are available from Louise,  from kids’ favourite characters or toys, to make-up goals to Harry Potter fans, to musicians, all are possible. They can be made in sugar, so you can eat them or in clay for a keepsake.

Figure cake toppers can also be a wonderful addition to celebrating a sacrament such as a  First Holy communion or confirmation.

Harry Potter cake topper
music cake toppers
lego cake topper
communion girl cake topper







Custom keepsakes

Art doll keepsake

Custom keepsakes can be a really special way of simply saying thank-you to someone special in your life. Casting their pet or family in clay is a wonderful unique gift. They can also be used as a modern decorative element for your home.

At her studio Louise sculpts bespoke fantasy style figure keepsakes and decorative models for commission and with world-wide delivery,  all it takes is your imagination!.

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