Wedding cakes, go-to-list to choosing your dream wedding cake


Wedding cakes are the centrepiece to your wedding celebration. Not only does cutting the wedding cake look great in photos, you and your guests also get to eat it!

Planning your wedding cake can be a bit overwhelming, with so many different cake sizes, cake flavours and cake styles available now for the modern wedding.

This wedding cakes go-to list will help to make planning so much fun and not forgetting so delicious.


Wedding cake budget     

I tend to work within a couples’ budget, so even if the wedding cake you want is not within your budget, elements of this can be incorporated into the design and you can still get your dream wedding cake.

Bespoke wedding cakes Ireland

Wedding cake size

Things to consider are the number of your wedding guests, when you want to serve them, do you want to gift cake slices and will you want cake for the next day. Us wedding cake designers talk in tiers which are basically different sizes of cakes, ranging from 14” to 6” in diameter. A regular cake for a birthday would tend to be an 8”. Each tier has a certain amount of servings, they are classified as a ”finger” (coffee portion) or dessert portion. 




Wedding cake type

Traditionally wedding cakes were iced and stacked, now-a-days they are many more wedding cake options. These range from stacked tiers, separate tiers, cupcake towers and macaron tiers. These are all available at The Little Love Knot Bakery. Additional desserts can also be added to a wedding cakes, such as cakesicles, cake pops, minicupcakes and minimacarons.

Wedding cake style

Wedding cakes Cork

This is a very personal part of designing your dream wedding cake. Inspiration can come from many sources like Cake designers’ galleries, Pinterest, Google or previous weddings.  At the Little Love Knot Bakery, I design each bespoke wedding cake specifically for my couples.  The top 5 things to consider are;

Your style;it has to reflect your personality whether it is a more elegant design or an elaborate wow factor cake.

Your wedding colour scheme; elements of colour can be added to the wedding cake design to match your scheme and your venue.


Decoration; these can be fresh flowers, fresh fruit, sugarflowers or personalised details. Maybe taking a design element from your invite or following a lace pattern on your wedding dress, or creating a story to represent your lives together.

Sugarflowers can be a statement flower or in clusters, can be few or many, it all depends on your vision, style and budget. They can match your bridal bouquets, flower centrepieces and are not dependent on seasonal availability. Wedding cake toppers can also be added as a personalised note, adding in hobbies and passions. Clay or sugar figure wedding cake toppers are available also at the Little Love Knot Bakery and can be realistic or cartoon in style.

Delivery; Cake designers will always recommend delivery to the venue on the morning of your wedding. We are skilled in delivering your dream wedding cake safely and experience in set-up. You just have to walk in to your reception area and your wedding cake is there. Always consider the delivery costs when pricing your wedding budgets. I offer free delivery 1 hour from me, The Little Love Knot Bakery is in North Cork.

Some  of the services available from Louise at the Little Love Knot Bakery are as follows;

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Rustic wedding cakes

Wedding cake finish

Wedding cakes can be  iced, have a buttercream finish, a ganache finish , be fully covered or semi-naked or naked. Depending on your finish, wedding cake flavours can be suggested as to what works well.




Wedding cake flavours

Wedding cake flavours

This is the most delicious part. Always taste the cake before deciding. The Little Love Knot Bakery offers free taster sessions or taster boxes if you book with me. Many delicious wedding cake flavours are available from decadent chocolates to summery sponges to velvet options that include many fillings such as lemon, salted caramel, white Belgian chocolate, fruit coulis and prosecco. The more traditional rich brandy fruit cake, is also available.

Wedding cake design is a fun and delicious part of your wedding planning, choose your wedding cake designer wisely, they will work closely with you to design the perfect wedding cake for your dream day.

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Louise x

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